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  • 275 Frankford Rd, Foxboro, ON. K0K-2B0
"We are committed to provide the highest standards in meat processing by following strict industry standards."

Rua Meats, Management

Rua Meats

Rua Meats is a meat processing facility located at 275 Frankford Road in Belleville Ontario. We are a trusted partner in the supply chain that has been serving specialty meat products for over 50 years. Rua Meats was established in 1983 as a provincially licensed and approved abattoir.

Our abattoir has long been a fixture of the Foxboro community, with a history dating back to 1967 when it was formerly known as Chilvers Meat. The abattoir was renamed when John Rua acquired and expanded the facility. Rua Meats has been operating in the same facility for over half a century and is renowned by local farmers for our slaughtering services and safety standards for meat processing. Rua Meats as a fixture of the community understands the importance that our customers place, on being more aware of what they are putting on their plates.

Rua Meats
Rua Meats

Fast and easy online booking services available for your convenience.

Rua Meats

Why Choose Us

We strive for customer satisfaction and to produce superior cuts of the highest quality and taste each and every time.

Rua Meats is a Government Certified Processing Plant, and we take great pride in meeting or exceeding health and safety standards.

We want our customers to have access to locally sourced, high quality meat products.

Rua Meats is dedicated to work with local farmers and we support community programs.

We provide custom halal slaughter services.

We serve all private, retail and commercial customers across Ontario.

All animals are treated as humanly as possible for all our abattoir services.

Rua Meats

Poultry plant (PLT 0567)

Rua Meats has been processing poultry services since 1983. Our team is experienced in processing and dressing your chickens, turkeys whether they are large orders or small and you can choose various cutting and packaging options. Our process is simple and step-by-step poultry processing in a clean environment.

Call us, talk to one of our team members regarding our services.
We are open six days a week.

✓   Chicken
✓   Fowl
✓   Turkeys
✓   Geese

✓   Ducks
✓   Fancy Poultry
✓   Rabbits
✓   FP (Further Processing)

Rua Meats

Poultry Processing Friday

Rua Meats has earned the reputation as the “Go-To” Meat processor in the immediate region.

Schedule & Drop off

Friday 7am - 10am

Customized Process

Submit the following:
Owners Name, Address (911)
& Phone Number

Rua Meats
Rua Meats

Family owned and operated, Rua Meats is well-known for selling high quality, locally raised meat for retail and wholesale.

Rua Meats

Red Meat plant (PLT 0277)

For red meat we provide weekly slaughter service, custom meat cutting and packaging services. Government Certified Processing plant, we take pride in meeting or exceeding health and safety standards.

Call us, talk to one of our team members regarding our services.
We are open six days a week.

✓   Beef-Dairy Calves
✓   Beef & Veal
✓   Light & Heavy Calves
✓   Bison & Yak / Yacks
✓   Water Buffalo

✓   Pigs & Deers
✓   Goats & Lambs
✓   Alpaca & Llama
✓   Ratites & Rabbits
✓   FP (Further Processing)

Rua Meats

Red Meat Processing Wednesday

Rua Meats has earned the reputation as the “Go-To” Meat processor in the immediate region.

Customized Process

Ensure all animals are tagged and identified.

Rua Meats
Rua Meats

Rua Meats is a government inspected meat processing facility, we specialize in the custom cutting and wrapping.

Rua Meats

Custom Packing & Label Services

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Custom Packaging

Need your own packaging for the products, we can customize your own style of package that suit your business.

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Custom Labeling

Give your brand a new live. We can design and print custom labels with your own brand and apply to your packaging.

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Brand Marketing

Our marketing department can help make your business stand out with great marketing tools, solutions and tips.

Rua Meats

Online Booking Service

We do take deposit for poultry and red meat to ensure your spots are reserved.

Poultry: Deposits $50
Drop off is Friday 7 am to 10 am

Red meat: Deposit $100
Drop off is Tuesday 12 – 6 pm
Wednesday 6:30 Am to 8:30 AM.

If you need help text 613-743-2665

rua meats
  • Step 1 - Select Poultry or Red meat.
  • Step 2 –Poultry is processed on Fridays.
  • Step 3 – Red Meat is processed on Wednesday
  • Step 4 – You can text if you have any questions to 613-743-2665.
  • Step 5 – Send money via etransfer to hold your spot
  • We will respond back with a confirmation email or phone.
Poultry Booking Red Meat Booking
Rua Meats
Rua Meats

We process your poultry weekly, every wednesday and it is by appointment only, pick up is next day.

Rua Meats

Why You Should Use Our Services.

OMAFRA Standards

Through stringent sanitation procedures we take great pride in exceeding OMAFRA food safety standards.

Halal Services Available

We Process halal services by Appointment Only.

Google Top Rating

Our customers love our services, read our google reviews what they say how we have helped them with our services.

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Our Location

  • 6275 Frankford Rd
    Foxboro, ON K0K2B0

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